The Swivel Makes All the Difference
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The Swivel Makes All the Difference | Bar Stool Furniture Guide

A true example of style, comfort and functionality, the swivel-top barstool has forged its way into homes across America and has become one of the most popular bar pieces to date. The benefits of a swivel-top barstool are many and this guide can help you to decide if a swivel-top barstool is truly right for you.

Freedom and Flexibility—One of the great advantages of having a swivel-top barstool is the ability to spin and rotate toward any direction in the room without taking up a lot of space. A swiveling barstool allows your guests the freedom to be involved in communication from all angles without having to get up and without the hassle of shifting their seat. Whether the barstool is freestanding or attached to the floor, a swivel top gives it an added dimension of flexibility that is unmatched.

Comfort Comes in the Extras—So much more than just a stationary wooden stool, a swiveling barstool can have many extra features to custom tailor it to fit your needs and your style. For example, swiveling barstools can have the option of arms and backs. Adding these features is just another step toward comfort and can create a much more pleasing place for your guests to relax. Likewise, adding a footrest can be another option to give the seated the ultimate in barstool comfort. Whatever the extras, the little creature comforts that can be found in a swiveling barstool can bring you one step closer to total comfort and style.

Safety First—A key factor to any barstool shopping, but most especially swivel-top barstool shopping, is that safety must come first. With a swiveling barstool, there are specific mechanisms that must be checked for quality before purchasing. Swiveling mechanisms can come in a variety of styles today from handle-wound to automated gas cylinders to memory return swivel features. Whatever the type of swivel you choose, proper installment and frequent part checks are a must for any barstool. Equally important is the weight limits for each stool. Avoid overloading a stool with more than one person and take care that your barstools are used correctly at all times. Proper care for your stool will ensure a long life of swiveling and enjoyment.

When it comes to choosing a barstool for your space, you can't go wrong with a swivel top. Whether you are looking for your traditional home, your funky bar lounge or your college dorm room, there is a swivel-top barstool out there to suit your needs. Keeping these few tips in mind as you search for your stool can help alleviate the stress of shopping and can make your swivel-top barstool experience a good one.


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