Barstools in the Bedroom and Other Unsuspecting Places for Bars
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Barstools in the Bedroom and Other Unsuspecting Places for Bars | My Bar Stools

Barstools in the bedroom? Who would have ever thought? But with the trendy and forward style of interior decorating today, placing a barstool set in the bedroom is not as far fetched as you may think. In fact, there are many wonderful and unsuspecting places for barstools throughout the home. Take a look at some of our interesting barstool placements and try one out the next time you are in the market for a little change.

In the Bedroom—Although an unlikely place to be drinking or dining, a barstool set in the bedroom can actually be a wonderful and decorative addition. Not just for drinking, a bar can give a cozy corner the perfect touch of style. If your bedroom has peaked ceilings, a bar set can fit perfectly in the architecture and can provide a quiet, contemplative place to sit and read or use the laptop. A shortened height bar set with barstools brings the sitting area down and can create a wonderfully intimate reading nook in the bedroom. And with so many amazing styles to choose from, you should have no problem finding a barstool to fit right in with the rest of your bedroom furniture.

In the Living Room—Traditionally a kitchen favorite, the barstool can actually do wonders for a living room area. Oftentimes, a large living room can look incomplete after the sofa, loveseat and armchair are placed. There may be just one little corner of the room that needs a little something to polish the look. This is the perfect place for a barstool set. Great for reading, relaxing or just thinking, a barstool in the living room is a fun way to bring in your own style and accent your existing living room furniture. Also, having a barstool set in the living room invites guests into the living room and out of the kitchen when you are hosting—and cooking—for a function in your home.

In the Office—Usually reserved for desks and rolling chairs, the office can take on a whole new feel with the addition of a barstool set. Many high-powered CEOs keep a small bar in their office, usually to impress clients or patients that enter their workspace. But why not have a bar area in your home office too? A great place to invite co-workers or office company, a barstool area gives people a more relaxed place to sit and chat about your next big deal. Whether you offer drinks or not, having a bar in your office can be a fun and entertaining move—one that can help you seal your next big deal!

Any Place You’d Like!—The barstool is no longer just for the kitchen. Be creative and come up with your own fun placement for the home bar. Use the other pieces in the room to create an interesting and pleasant space where you can escape or entertain. Any room from the library to the den can be a potential place for a barstool set. You only have to use your imagination.


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