Creating a Cozy Kitchen
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Creating a Cozy Kitchen - Bar Furniture Buying Guides

Studies have been shown that women spend most of their awake time in the home, in their kitchen. This means that when you ladies aren't working or sleeping, over fifty percent of the time you are in your kitchen. With that being the case it is imperative that you have a comfortable, cozy kitchen. You don't want to be in your kitchen for as often as you will be if it is disgusting or uninviting. If you still have the cabinets and curtain you got when you were married twenty years ago, it may be time to give your kitchen a make-over. There are a few simple things that you can do to create a cozy kitchen.

One of these things is to select an accent color. This color will be sprinkled throughout the kitchen to bring a little life to the room. Before doing this however you will want to decide if you will have a themed kitchen. These are easy to come up with. If you like the older style kitchens of like a farm house, that is one theme, or if you like the new, modern and fancy kitchen, that would be another. There are hundreds out there, but you should pick one because that will give you a reference point to go back to every time you aren't sure something should go into your kitchen. Back to the accent color, this color will be your guide as you find different cabinets, curtains, counter tops and other art or accessories you will have in your kitchen. Once you've got your accent color selected it is time to head out to shop.

If you are handy with a sewing machine, your choice for curtains will go through the roof, because you simply need to find the fabric you like. This fabric should not only have some of your accent color in it, but should also match the theme or motif that you are going for. New curtains alone can sometime spruce up a kitchen enough to make it feel cozier, but there are more things that you can do as well.

If you've had your cabinets for a while, or they are looking old and dirty, you may want to consider either buying new or repairing and brightening what you've got. This isn't something that is hard to do, but it will take some time. If you have wooden cabinets you will have to take down the doors and sand them down, also you will need to sand the frames (taking them down can be a hassle, but you may need to in order to sand and stain them properly). Once you have removed most of the stain off of the cabinets you can select the new color that you would like them to be and begin to re-stain them. This will brighten up the kitchen quite a bit and make everything look a lot cleaner. If you don't have wooden cabinets, you will want to do the same thing, but you can select the paint color that you would like to use. If all of this seems like too much work, just check out your local home improvement store for information on new cabinets.

The last thing that you will want to do is to find a few trinkets and gadgets or pictures and art that fit the motif that you've selected that you can display around the kitchen. These can be pictures in frames or antique kitchen utensils or art that seems to fit with your style. You won't want to go overboard but filling in a few large, blank walls with these types of things will bring the entire room together. Again, work on finding things that have a little bit of your accent color in them. You can also look into finding new appliances that will have a little color or style to them to have out in your kitchen. Anything you feel would make your kitchen easier to be in, will be perfect in creating a cozy kitchen.


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