Customize Your Home Bar
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Customize Your Home Bar | Buying Guide

Having a home bar is a great way to entertain your friends and family from the comfort of your home. When you buy or build your home bar, you want to be sure that the space echoes your personal style. Whether your bar is a focal point in your living room, or just an added feature to your basement family room, you can make sure that your bar stands out with style. From the paint on the walls to the glassware you drink from, you can customize every part of your bar to be sure that it is exactly the space that you want.

Custom bar stools are a great way to add style to your home bar. You have a plethora of options to choose from when picking the bar stools for your bar. You can go with the simple backless and armless stool that is no frills if that is what your budget and your style demands. Even then you have choices about the height, material or finish of your stool. For example, if you are building your bar to be more retro, a plastic stool in funky and bright colors will be the perfect fit to your bar. If you have a more classic, dark wood bar, you might opt for a more traditional wood bar stool with arms, a back and cushioned seats for comfort.

Now that you have the key pieces to any bar, the bar and the stools, you need only complete that look with some other accent pieces. Your glassware is a great way to let your guests feel like they are either sipping a martini at an upscale bar, or enjoying a pint at the downtown pub. Choose glassware that compliments your bar's style, or mix-and-match pieces for a totally unique look. You can find wine glasses, martini glasses, beer steins and soda glasses in a number of styles to round out your glassware collection. Store them under the bar so they are out-of-sight, or store them on shelves or racks behind or above the bar to add to the authentic bar feel.

Another great way to customize your home bar is with a theme. If it's a sports team you love, you can find any number of sports paraphernalia from cups to posters that you can decorate your space with. If you wish to represent your heritage in your bar, you might paint the walls a certain color, or hang wall art that is customary in your culture. If your goal is a very contemporary bar, a more clean and streamlined look with minimal yet modern accents such as strategically-placed lighting might look just right. Either way, decorating your home bar is a great way to add your personal twist on the space and should be fun in the process. In the end, your guests will be amazed at how great your home bar looks, and you can be proud that its style is all you.


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