The Great American Bar Stool
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The Great American Bar Stool | Bar Stool Buying Guide

"Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name…" Most Americans can recognize this tune instantly. And most of us probably begin to think of the familiar Cheers setting: the comfy bar, the funny tender, the smiling faces. Classic shows like this one are what add to the nostalgia of the American bar. It is also a part of what gives the bar stool such an appeal.

There are so many examples of movies, entertainment and photographs of the Great American Bar Stool that give it its place in the hearts of Americans today. Remember the Regal Beagle from Three's Company? Who wouldn't love to pull up a stool and share a cold one at that spot? More recently, there's the famous Joe's from the hit Grey's Anatomy. There's always something brewing on the seats of Joe's bar. And who could forget the miserly but lovable Moe of Moe's Tavern in the classic American cartoon, The Simpsons? Although these shows are all so different, they have one thing in common that keeps bringing their viewers back for more: a great bar.

Another important memory in the history of the bar stool is the doo wop era. At this time, ice cream and soda shops flourished. Diners and cafes welcomed visitors with shiny patent leather stools with nifty spinning tops. Kids and grandparents alike enjoyed stepping up to the bar to have a seat and a frosty milkshake. Soda bars and burger joints gave bar stools the boost and the wonderful retro face that so many still remember so fondly today.

The bar stool has become a rather nostalgic piece in the hearts of Americans. With so many amazing bar stool options, it's easy to get just the look you want. Whether you are after the shiny patent leather look of the neighborhood ice cream shop or the solid and comfy woody look of the local tavern, there is bound to be a bar stool to fit perfectly into your home and into your lifestyle.


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