I Want A Bar, But Where Do I Start?
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I Want A Bar, But Where Do I Start? | My Bar Stools

You love to entertain. You enjoy serving your friends. You know that your home needs a little something to make your guests more comfortable, but what? Consider a bar space to amplify your entertainment setting and to create a whole new feel of style and sophistication. Once the decision is made to add a bar to your space, there are many more choices that follow. Use this guide to help walk you through the process of adding a bar area to your home.

Where Will it Go? Deciding where to put your new bar can be a difficult task. Many people enjoy having the bar front and center in their home and will choose to situate it in the kitchen or in an informal living space. The advantage of a kitchen bar is that as you may be preparing for a meal with friends, the conversation can still continue without people getting in the way. In a living room, extra comfort can be afforded and another sitting area can be adjacent, allowing more guests the pleasure of entertainment. Yet another choice can be in a den or finished basement area. Often, this setting is for those who entertain frequently and like to add other options for guests such as TV, dancing or karaoke. Whatever you decide, keep in mind that people will naturally gravitate toward your new bar area and use this to place it in the most optimal space you can.

What Will it Look Like? After you've chosen the perfect location for your bar, you will want to start thinking about what it will look like. There are countless options out there from a built-in kitchen bar with fine granite top to a small stand alone bar in a living room with romantic seating for two. Whatever you desire there is a bar to satisfy your needs. A stand alone bar can be found in a variety of wooden finishes to match perfectly with your home décor. Stand alone bars are also available in sizes ranging from duel top to full wrap-around bars with shelves and glass racks. There are even contemporary retro-style bars made of trendy glass or plastic to create a chic look for your space.

What Can I Do to Make it Stand Out? Once your bar area is chosen and you've decided on the type and style bar you'd like, you can begin to focus on the special touches that make the bar personal and unique. Some of the add-ons that can make your bar shine include unique bar accessories, lighting and seating options. Having the right accessories can add sophistication to your bar. For a functional bar, you can provide a variety of drinking glasses, bottle openers and mixers. For a home bar, you can include decorations like candles, vases and plant holders. Lighting can make all the difference to a bar setting. There are wonderful options in track lighting, lamps, and hanging lights. Also, there are many fun lighted signs that can add a funky and edgy look to your bar. Finally, your seating choices can make your bar stand out. Every type of seat from stools to captains chairs to benches give your bar a different look. Establish what type of atmosphere you would like and choose your seating based on this.

Keep in mind the overall theme of your bar space. Are you aiming for a fun gathering place for friends to eat and drink at? Are you looking for a more sophisticated space to have conversation? Do you want a more contemporary look or do you enjoy the traditional style better? After making these few simple choices, your bar area will come together beautifully.


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