Lighting For Your Outdoor Home Bar Setting
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Lighting For Your Outdoor Home Bar Setting | Bar Furniture Guides

When decorating and constructing your home bar setting, lighting is always a questionable issue. Many things will help determine your lighting options including the use of a canopy or overhead beams, or even latticework. Here are a few options to help you determine your lighting possibilities.


If your outdoor home bar setting will be set beneath a canopy, string lights can be of great use. When using string lights, you can wind the strands around the stand poles of the canopy and then wrap around the inner poles that connect the roof of the canopy to the stand poles. This will give a twinkle effect for the romantic bar setting. If you are looking for more of a college setting, tiki torches sitting just outside the canopy will add the desired effect. Tea lights placed on the ends of the bar or on the small tables you may have around will also give extra light. If your outdoor home bar setting has any type of canopy connected to the bar itself, small string lights with designs such as football helmets or beer bottles are available for the added flair to your theme.

Overhead Beams

Lighting options for your outdoor home bar setting are numerous, as you have the option of going overhead or at eye level. When using the overhead beams in your setting, you have the option of using flood lights connected to the beams, which no other design has the capability of doing. It is not necessary to use a high wattage bulb in the flood lights, but find a happy medium for your bar. A 75 watt bulb may be all you need to add the desired ambiance. String lights are an option for this design, whether you use designs on the lights or the simple twinkle lights. Rope lights are available to wrap around the beams overhead, or you can always use tiki torches at the four corners of your beamed area. It is not recommended to use tiki torches any taller than 5 foot when placed in the ground. If connecting these to beams, remember that the wood must be fire retardant and treated prior to using the torches, as there is flammable liquid inside.

Latticework Roof

Many outdoor home bar settings are now converting to latticework roofing options, as this blocks some of the sun for the daytime, but still allows the view of the moon at night. It does not work well for rain or snow, but is considerably favored in the summer months. Using many strands of twinkle lights wound through the latticework will add a romantic effect for the ‘private’ party. If the college appearance is what you crave, there are hanging lights available that resemble football helmets that can be hung from the latticework. Avoid using any lights that are too heavy for the latticework to withstand, as this will damage your roof, and could cause the party to end early. Shorter tiki torches can be used, with a height no more than 4 foot when inserted into the ground are highly recommended to create the fun atmosphere you crave.


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