Selecting the Right Kitchen Bar Stool
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Selecting the Right Kitchen Bar Stool | Bar Furniture Guide

When decorating for your new kitchen bar area, selecting the right kitchen bar stool will make or break the entire look of the room. Here are a few ideas on how to coordinate your bar stools with your bar.

Metal or Wood? Should you choose the metal or the wood bar stools for your kitchen area? This is completely up to you, as you know your family’s habits better than anyone. If your family tends to spill liquids quite frequently in their laps or on the floor, you should avoid wood kitchen bar stools. The wood is treated prior to construction, but with years of spills and accidents, the wood will discolor and become weak. This can cause the joints to swell and then your kitchen bar stools will sit lopsided. Metal kitchen bar stools are ideal for younger children and adolescents, as these family members are normally quite messy. The metal legs of the kitchen bar stool will be easily cleaned, and will only rust if not cleaned regularly.

Height Requirements When purchasing the right kitchen bar stool, you have to keep in mind the stature of the people who will be using them. If you have younger children, the shorter kitchen bar stools would be in your best interest. If this is not an option due to the height of the bar area, high backs on the kitchen bar stools should be purchased. These can be found on both metal and wood kitchen bar stools, and do not raise the cost of the stools much. This is an ideal option for the kitchen nook that has limited space for stools.

Cushion or No Cushion, That Is the Question! Again, if you have young children or adolescents in the home, cushions can be a problem. When slipping onto or off of the stools, cushions can become loose if the child is not able to have a good foothold before dismounting. This is completely your choice, but if smaller children will be using the stools, a booster seat or help from an adult onto and off of the kitchen bar stools is recommended.

Color Schemes When decorating, everyone wants their kitchen to match. If you have lighter colors in the kitchen such as yellow, white, peach, pink or baby blues, you should opt for metals in white or silver tone. If wood kitchen bar stools are your choice, you should opt for oaks, cherry, pine or walnut finishes. There are painted woods available in whites and yellows as well, and if painted finishes are what you crave, the lighter colored kitchens should always choose the white painted wooden kitchen bar stools. If you have a darker colored kitchen on the other hand, such as gray, green, orange, red, brick or walnuts, you should opt for the metal kitchen bar stools with nickel finishes or white painted wooden finishes. This will help to create an eye popping effect for your kitchen bar stools and the bar area they will reside in.


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