How to Shop Commercial Bar Stools
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Commercial Bar Stools: How to Shop for Them and What to Look For

You've got the trendy bar top. You found the perfectly chic lighting. Your bar is stocked and the music is chosen. Everything is set for your big opening. Everything except you seating! Choosing a bar stool for your commercial setting can prove to be a daunting task. You want the perfect look that will last for years to come. Follow these simple tips for getting the most for your money without sacrificing style.

  • Shop around. Price is surely one of the main factors to consider when buying commercial bar stools. Compare several different places before deciding to buy. Check out the guarantees at each place, return policies and, don't forget, shipping expenses. Buying the cheapest stools you can find is not always the best policy to follow. Your want to be sure that you are getting a quality product that is going to last you years of service. It may be wise to go with brand names or recommended products rather than a clearance or discount item. If you are looking for durability and quality craftsmanship, be willing to pay a bit more for it. It just may pay off in the long run.

  • Shop in bulk. Often, when you are buying more than a pair of stools, you can qualify for a bulk discount. If your bar seats 10 or more or if you have several pub tables throughout your venue, this can add to some real savings. Buying online is probably the best way to go for a bulk discount. There are many great sites to choose from and a competitive price is not hard to find.

  • Keep it simple. Sure the fancy bar stools are prettier and they may have an attractive discount to go along with them, but think honestly about the style of stool you purchase. Trendy stools may not be so trendy in five years. Keep in mind how long you plan to be in your establishment. With any luck, you will be in business for a long time and you need to have stools that can stand the test of time with your business. Stick to stools that are simple and classic looking to avoid falling out of style. Also, consider the fact that if you redecorate someday, a simple stool with a basic color scheme will be much easier to plan around than the fancy or trendy stool. When all else fails, staying simple is the way to go.

  • Safety first. There is perhaps nothing more important to a business owner than the safety of his or her client while in their establishment. This motto should be key across the board from the quality of food, the fire code and the furniture used by guests. For this reason, the quality of your bar stools should be fit for a commercial atmosphere. Be especially careful if your bars having moving mechanisms, such as a swivel top. All parts must be thoroughly checked for quality on a regular basis. Also, a more durable material, like wood will make for a better seat than harder to clean fabric. Most patrons are not going to consider how they treat the stools in a bar so you will want to be sure to buy pieces that will withstand lots of abuse while still maintaining their safeness.

Buying bar stools for your commercial venue may seem like just another task on a long list of chores. But taking the time to research and find the best product for your business may save you time, money and hassle in the long run. And providing your guests with a great place to sit will keep them coming back for years to come.


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