Unfinished Bar Stools A Quick How To Start Guide
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A Quick How To Start Guide, Unfinished Bar Stools | Bar Stools Buying Guide

You've built the beautiful home bar that you have always dreamed of. The granite counter top is gleaming. The track lighting is placed just right. The accents are all in line. The only thing missing: a place to sit. After hours of endless searching in furniture stores and on the web for the perfect piece, some people decide to take on the project of making their own bar stools. And with some amazing unfinished varieties out there today, the job has gotten a lot easier, allowing you the freedom to choose just the color, style and size bar stool you need.

Before choosing a base stool, you must consider some important details. Where will the bar stool go, a kitchen or a dining room? How much traffic will the stool receive? Do you want upholstered or wood seats? Swivel or not? Foot rests? Casters?

With so many options, the task may seem overwhelming. Start with the simple. Where is the stool going to be located? If it will be in a dining area, you may want to consider a stationary, non-swiveling seat with arms, more like a traditional dining chair. This will give your guests comfort and ease as they eat. Remember to measure the space from the floor up to the bar, making sure to leave enough space for knees below the bar. Also, choose stools that will fit well next to one another. Too wide stools will knock and bump, leaving your diners with little room to exit or enter the stool.

After all of the logistics of where the stools will be are figured out, you start to think about the look of the stool. There are so many amazing unfinished bar stool options on the market, including country, contemporary and eclectic styles. Narrow down what style you want and choose a good quality wood that can easily be stained to match your interior colors. Choose from fully assembled or piece-by-piece stools that you truly build from the ground up. Now is when you also think about whether you want a swivel top stool or a stationary stool.

Once these decisions are made, you can begin the coloring process. There are beautiful and natural staining options that can maintain the woody look of your stool or you can even decide to paint the wood. Whatever you choose, be sure to coat the wood evenly and several times to ensure a solid, well-made look. You may wish to use an airbrush or sprayer to help with this step to ensure a perfectly even paint or stain job.

Finally, after the stools is assembled and colored, you can start the fun accessories. Choose from an upholstered cushion seat, metal footrest, built in armrests and so many others. This is where you really make the bar stool your own, giving it the special touches that fit perfectly with your lifestyle and decor.

Sit back, take a deep breath and congratulate yourself on a job well done! Your completed bar stool is a piece that you can be proud of, a piece that you used your hands to make. It matches perfectly with your home, has just the accessories you wanted and you can take pride in your craftsmanship. Now you can really appreciate your beautiful bar space and reap the benefits of doing it yourself.


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