A Guide to the New Wooden Bar Stools
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Updating a Classic - A Guide to the New Wooden Bar Stools | My Bar Stools

Wooden bar stools have come a long way from their traditional ancestor�that plain familiar hard seat that is reminiscent of an artist's perch. Today, there are countless versions of the wooden bar stool that modernize it and make it one of the most popular choices for anyone looking to beautify their bar seating area. Below are just a few of the great updates on the American classic wooden bar stool that you can find today.

A little swivel goes a long way�

One of the most popular updates to the traditional wooden bar stool is the addition of a swivel top. This update allows the seated person access to all sides of the entertainment while making mounting the stool much easier. A swivel top on a wooden bar stool is a simple way to take a boring stool and make it more modern and functional.

Armed and ready�

Another fantastic update to the wooden bar stool is the addition of arms. As seen in the captain�s style seat, arms on a bar stool can provide additional support and comfort that is unmatched. In a wooden bar stool, arms can create a warmer, more intimate seating area while giving it a touch of sophistication.

To finish or not to finish�

One of the best features of buying a wooden bar stools is the multitude of finish options that exist. You can find a wooden bar stool in any finish from oak to cherry to pine to natural. The look of wood gives a bar seating area a natural and rustic feel while tying into many of the other features in a room. No matter what the decor of your room, there is bound to be a wood finish to match. Another wonderful option for people who like to do-it-themselves is an unfinished stool. This can give you the opportunity to have a simple and satisfying project and can ensure that you get the exact match you want.

Unmatched durability�

Perhaps the most important factor in deciding to go with a wooden bar stools is the unmatched durability of wood. A wooden bar stool is able to withstand years of use and wear before showing signs of aging. Oftentimes, any signs of aging that do occur only add to the rustic beauty of wood. Materials like beechwood, maple and rattan provide outstanding durability while maintaining the comfort you expect when sitting on a bar stool.

Far from that simple artist�

Wooden bar stool are today�s wonderfully decorative and functional versions. In styles ranging from captain�s chair to ladder back to leatherette-topped, wooden bar stools have come a long way. Purchasing wooden bar stools is an easy way to transform any bar seating area from boring to beautiful. Wood adds a warmth, durability and sophistication to any home's decor that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.


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